The Penthouse Clan

The Penthouse Clan

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When it comes to giving ceilings in the home a special treatment there are generally two camps: those that love it and those that don't. To be honest, I am not one that usually goes for the look unless a subtle contrasting paint color is used and even then only in certain rooms and spaces. Unless a ceiling is vaulted, a fussy ceiling often brings the height of the room down. That said, I have amassed a collection of images some of which might just cause me to change my tune.
Reed Krakoff used a high gloss lacquer in the living room of his New York apartment. I love that the ceiling is still white which give the space an airy feel, but the glossy finish adds glamour and dimension to the modern space.

J. Crew's President Jenna Lyons, used bold yellow stripe to add a handsome, fun flair to her son Beckett's nursery. I think a child's room is the perfect place for this sort of ceiling treatment.

John Willey used a pale green and graphic trim to tie this bedroom's palette and structure together.

Kelly Wearstler took this room to the next level by covering all five walls in this trellis paper. It definitely makes a bold, graphic punch but it may be a bit much for me. What do you think?
Steven Gambrel used a yellow lacquer in this striking, modern study. The glossiness of the paint reflects light which helps to balance out the dark color palette of the room. I am really loving this lacquered look, how about you?
Bunny Williams used intricate wood work to add dimension to the fifth wall of this dining room. A dining space is a great place for ceiling treatments as so much of the activity in the room remains at eye-level. An interesting ceiling draws the eye up-ward. That said, this look is a bit much for my taste.

David Netto used paint to give this dining space architectural interest. Instead of coffering the ceiling with wood trim, he just painted "coffers" in a geometrical grid.

The raw wood planks applied to this kitchen ceiling definitely add an element of warmth to the architecturally clean space.

Suzanne Kasler knocks it out of the park in this beautiful entry with a wallpapered ceiling. It helps that the ceilings are quite high and there is plenty of natural light.
Do tell, are you a fan of decorating the fifth wall? Do you have a ceiling in your home to which you have applied a special treatment?
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Our house has seen more snow this winter than it has seen in years. I know this isn't much for some, the east coast has seen a record breaking blizzard, but we are feeling like veteran snow bunnies around here. It is snowing now and I am sure the kids will be out of school tomorrow which leaves more time for this...

and this....

and this.... I know, don't ask. She may be a little rough around the edges but my four year old built her all by herself and was quite proud. We all cried when she melted. R.I.P.


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Too tired for words tonight so here is some eye candy to fill the void. xo, SC

{images: 1- unkown, 2- via southern accents from things that inspire blog; 3 via kelly wearstler; 4-via jayson garden and home; 5- home of aerin lauder via nytimes online 6- via lonny magazine, pottery from west elm; 7- via the sartorialist; 8- via this is glamorous blog; 9 - via chronicle books; 10- scout designs via Lonny}


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On our way to the Masters Golf Tournament, I convinced my husband to make a quick stop in Atlanta at the Scott Antique Market. It is one of my favorite places to find reasonably priced antiques and decorative items. Held once a month in two large expo centers, it is certainly a place you must visit at sometime or another if you live anywhere in the Southeastern United States.
I found six of the Jansen style chairs (seen in the photo above) at last month's market. They are small in scale, but oh so pretty so I will be using them in my living room and entry as accent chairs. It is hard to tell in the picture but they are painted in cream and gold, a favorite color combo of mine. Their shape reminded me of these chairs seen in Aerin Lauder's New York apartment.Several months ago, I found these beautiful ceramic lamps decorated with ornate flowers and birds. When I purchased them, I thought I would use them in my bedroom, but they are just to amazing not to be seen by all, so for now they are finding their home on our dining room buffet.

I had little hope of finding chairs for the dining room anytime soon that would fit the budget so I was more than ecstatic to find these 1940's french dining chairs at a great price. They are a modern take on Louis XVI chairs and they fill in the room beautifully.

This bright yellow lamp with a crystal base was found this month as well. With a pleated linen shade, I think it will be the perfect bright addition to my paneled family room. Now I just need to find a table to set it upon!

Last month, I picked up this wooden coffee table with a parquet inlay for my living room. It was quite a steal. I have yet to accessorize it properly but I will get to it soon enough.
I am constantly on the hunt for affordable and chic accessories for my many built in bookshelves. This chinoiserie horse fit the bill. He looks happy in his new home, doesn't he?

I have been searching for a pair of blue and white vases to put on either side of my living room mantel. I found several great looking ones at Pearl River Mart in New york but none would fit on my shallow mantle. I needed something tall but not too deep. Two of these fit perfectly.

I was not alone while doing all of this damage. My friend Betsy found these great looking Barcelona stools. I think they will end up finding their home in her boy's room.

She also picked up this elegant brass lamp to put on a chest in her living room.

These handsome Staffordshire lions make a fun statement on the mantle in her library.
And she also found this neoclassical desk to put in her office. It will be getting a makeover with some black lacquer paint and will become home base for a busy designer and mother to three boys!


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For each new morning with its light,For rest and shelter of the night,For health and food,And love and friends,For everything thy goodness sends.
Ralph Waldo Emerson